Everything had come about as willed by Allah. The faith in One God had cleansed and illuminated the souls.
The devil within had been cast away together with the vileness of the pagan past. The false deities been removed from the House of God.
Once again, the believersʹ hearts were set on going to the holy sanctuary for it was already a very long time since they had been there. The mission of the Prophet of God peace be and blessings upon him was also nearing completion, as he was soon to bid farewell to his loving companions. And so, Allah permitted His Messenger to take them for pilgrimage, and thus, it was the first Hajj of the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him in Islam.
The reason for the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him setting out from Madinah for the pilgrimage were many. He had to meet the
Muslims coming from far and near; to teach them the observances of faith and the rituals of Hajj; to bear witness to the truth and thus finally redeem his pledge to God; to advise them as well as to give them final instructions: to administer them an oath to follow his teachings and to
trample under his feet the last remnants of the pagan past. His pilgrimage was, in truth and reality, better than a thousand sermons and lessons. It was an itinerant school, a mosque on the move or an ongoing training center which imparted knowledge to the unenlightened,
animated the languid and indolent souls and invested the weak in spirit with the power of faith. All this was nachieved under the benevolent and affectionate care of the greatest teacher, the Prophet of God peace be and blessings upon him.
The minutest details of the Prophet’s journey have been preserved by the most trustworthy narrators, the companions of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them). It is a record so authentic and detailed for never before did there exist any historical document of such comparable genuineness be that of an Emperor’s itinerary or of the memoirs of any saint or scholar.

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