Whenever you look at the universe, you will find it its beauty amazing. Whenever you open your heart for the secrets of this beauty, you will see the life is very great and you will get all the pleasures of this life. When you give me your heart wholly, I will give the whole of my mind. Give me your hand for I hope to give you a calm and happy life by the permission of Allah, The Almighty. Open your heart for I will fill it with warmness, love and truthfulness. Be with me for I may be for you as you like.

Give me a tear that may give your heart life, console your soul for our tears are the provision of thinking, our tears are a form of standing firm on the principle, our crying makes firm on the sound approach. We have given our hearts as gifts with love to those who do not deserve loving and thus we lost the best we have. We began to search where they are lost, the thing that made us imagine that we found them. We are in dire need to get love but away from exaggeration and immoderation, love but without excessiveness, love but with modesty.

Heart is the treasure that no one can read except the one who owns it. Peace of mind is actually a light that glitters in darkness, springs that gush out in the deserts and treasures live within the abandoned houses. How much time is lost for the sake of love and its problems? How many minds became mad for the sake of love and its circle? We spend much of our day in the alphabets of love! Here is a lover who lives between memories and forgetting, another lover got lost between the intimate communion and deprivation. Love gives happiness by name while causes hardship in reality, it has beauty in form and ambiguity in reality.

Love is really a crown but from iron, a treasure but from dust, and metal but mirage. Any claimed love is really defective that is because relationships between humans are mostly based on interests even if the forms of beauty become diverse and the images are beautified. Every heart has its tendency of platonic love that overflows with truthful love and emotions. If people were to see the hearts of the tyrants and oppressors, they would find in them rivers that flow out love and mercy; however, they pour them out into barren land.       

Here, I am carrying the white banner for those who have white hearts to direct their truthful love to the most truthful and eternal love, and to the greatest and honest righteousness.

Our love towards Hijaz is longing such as the feeling of emigrant towards his homeland.

The birds, even if you have cut their wings, never stop longing to fly.

I do not say that “life before the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad was full of darkness” for no one is ignorant of this. I will not say that “there was only darkness and nothing other than it” for no one has doubt in this. I will not say “truth was only for power” and “life was for man not woman” because all people agreed on this. However, I say: “life was born with the Prophethood and people were supplied with water after severe thirst”.

When Muhammad came, hills increased and every dry plant in the garden became green

Amongst the glad tidings of the birth of the new life is what coincides with the birth of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, of destroying the companions of the elephant. This was actually good news of destroying tyrants, and a birth of the dawn of justice and life. Moreover, destroying them gathered the word of Quraysh and developed unity among them. Therefore, Allah, The Almighty, sent down the Surah (i.e. a chapter in Quran) of Quraysh after that of Al-Feel, making clear for one of the causes of destroying the companions of the elephant which is uniting Quraysh. After all of this, He, The Exalted, reminded Quraysh with two great graces; firstly, feeding them, [saving them] from hunger and this was represented in the caravan of winter and that of summer. Secondly, making them safe, [saving them] from fear. The word ‘fear’ here is stated as an indefinite noun to indicate generalization and thus it included any fear that afflicted them and they were made safe from it as in the story of the companions of the elephant, Abrahah Al-Ashram, or a outward fear that may occur to them afterwards such as the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him; rather, he is outward and inward mercy, security and safety when Allah, The Almighty, will support him as He destroyed the companions of the elephant so that the hearts will be attached to the Lord of the House Who destroyed the oppressors and became very grateful and much indebted for Him.

The protection of Allah was really sufficient instead of multiple armors and high forts.

What paved the way and acts as introduction for the invitation of faith that was carried by Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was unity of people towards supporting the oppressed and putting back oppression towards its people according to the Treaty of Al-Fudhool which implies a form of supporting justice even if this was in narrow scope; however, ‘there is no doubt that justice is an absolute value not relative and that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, expressed his pride in participating and in fostering the principle of justice before his prophethood within two decades. Actually, the positive values deserve praise even if they are done by the people during the pre-Islamic era.”

It was narrated that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said regarding such treaty, “I was present with my uncles at Hilf Al-Mutayyabin (i.e. The Alliance of the perfumed)). I would not wish to break it, even for red camels.”  He, peace and blessings be upon him, called it so because the clans that concluded such treaty were those who made that of Al-Fudhool; however, the treaty of Al-Mutayyabin was before the birth of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, after the death of his parental father Qassy.



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