(24) It was narrated on the authority of Anas ibn Maalik, may Allaah be pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: "When Allah, The Almighty, sent down Adam to the earth and he stayed in it what Allah wills for him to stay. Then his children said to him: "O our father, speak to us." Upon this he stood up addressing forty thousands from his children and grandchildren for four generations, saying: "Allah, The Almighty, commanded me saying, O Adam make your speech little until you return to my neighbourhood.'"

The Verification of the Hadeeth: Its Isnaad (i.e. chain of transmission) is weak.

It was reported by Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadi in Ta'reekh Baghdaad (3/311) from the route of Al-Hasan ibn Shabeeb Al-Mo'adab from Khalaf ibn Khaleefah from Abi Haashim Yahya ibn Dinaar Ar-Rmaani from Thaabit ibn Anas ibn Maalik, may Allaah be pleased with him.

It was also reported from the route of Al-Hasan ibn Shabeeb Al-Mu'adab from Khalaf ibn Khaleefah by Ibn Al-Muqri' in Mu‘jam (608), Ad-Daylami in Musnad Al-Firdaws as in Al-Jaami‘ Al-Kabeer (44794), Abu Moosa Al-Madeeni in Muntaha Raghabaat As-Saami‘een as in As-Silsilah Adh-Dha‘eefah (2961).

It was also reported by ‘Aasaakir in Ta‘reekh Dimashq (7/447), Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadi in Ta‘reekh Baghdaad (7/328) from the route Al-Hasan ibn Shabeeb from Khalaf from Abi Haashim from Sa‘eed ibn Jubayr from Ibn ‘Abbaas. Its Isnaad is weak because of Al-Hasan ibn Shabeeb.

Ibn ‘Adyy said: "He reported invalid Hadeeths from trustworthy narrators."

Ad-Daarqutuni said: "Some reports may be accepted from him but he is not strong and Al-Mahaamili reports from him." (1).

Refer to Dha‘eef Al-Jaami‘ (1351) and As-Silsilah Adh-Dha‘eefah (2961).




(1)         Refer to Al-Kaamil (7/145) and Su'alaat Al-Barqaani (84).


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