Episode 11: The scope of al-Amanah

Al-Amanah includes all aspects of life. Some of which are(1):

1)           Sciences and knowledge:  al-Amanah in these is carrying them out without distortion or change, and attributing quotes to their respective owners and not plagiarizing the work of others and passes it on as one's own.

2)           Custodies:  al-Amanah is to render what is due to others and to delegate work to those qualified and worthy in order to preserve the religion that Allah is pleased with for his slaves, from someone damaging it, and to preserve people's wealth, bodies and minds.  In a hadeeth by Abu Hurairah, Allah's messenger said: (when al-Amanah is lost, then await doomsday), [Abu Hurairah] said: How is it lost?  [Allah's messenger] said: (When the matter is delegated to those unworthy, then await doomsday)(2).

3)           The extremities: al-Amanah is to keep them from committing sin; So as not to eve's drop or look at what is not permitted, and steering them to perform duties of worship and obedience.

4)           Secrets:  al-Amanah is to hide the secrets that a person is entrusted in keeping.

5)           Testimony and consultation:  al-Amanah is by upholding them with respect to how they are in reality, and giving them without any distortion, change, addition or loss.  In consultation, al-Amanah is by offering [sound] advice to those who seek it from you. In a hadeeth by Abu Hurairah, he said: Allah's messenger said: (The consultant is entrusted)(3). In [another] hadeeth by Abu Hurairah, he said: Allah's messenger said: (He who consults his brother, and the [brother] advises him in a matter in which he sees the rational otherwise, then he has betrayed him)(4).

6)           Jobs and labors: al-Amanah is for the laborer to perform his work accurately and skillfully. In his book al-Ahkam, al-Bukhari (may Allah have mercy on him) states: (Section: It is desirable for an author to be honest and reasonable).

7)           Trade, buying and selling: Part of al-Amanah is to avoid scrimping in measure and scale, and to convey [to others] the flaws in a product, and avoid cheating and defrauding [others].

The effects of al-Amanah

1)           Pleasing Allah the Exalted and [entering] His Heaven.  Because fulfilling trusts and avoiding betrayal is performing in accordance with what Allah has decreed and abandoning what He forbid.

2)           People's interests are carried out. Because the requirement to fulfilling trusts is to choose the best performing people for the job.

3)           Performing works and duties skillfully and with honesty, and in doing so everyone receives, with satisfaction, what is due to him.

4)           Trust and affection between people become common, so a person trusts his neighbor, friend and worker.  That way, ties [between people] increase and bonds get stronger.

5)           Maintaining the sanctity of families by not revealing their secrets or talking about what goes on inside them.



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