Episode 5: Models of basic Islamic morals: Truthfulness (1-3)

    1) Truthfulness
    Definition: Truthfulness is defined as saying what is right, and as saying what corresponds to reality and fact. A truthful person is one who informs according to what corresponds to his belief(1).
    Truthfulness includes sayings and actions
    Types of truth:
    1) Truth in speech. Its reality is that a person should not speak what is not right, and when he informs [of something] he does not inform what conflicts with reality.
    2) Truth in will and intent, which is based on sincerity. A Muslim, by his sayings and deeds, only seeks [to please] Allah and win His reward.
    3) Truth in dealings that take place between people. Such as selling, buying, loans, partnerships and others. So, [a Muslim] does not cheat, deceive or counterfeit.
    4) Truth in promising. When [a Muslim] makes a promise to someone, he fulfills his promise, since breaking a promise is a sign of hypocrisy.
    5) Truth in situation. [A Muslim] does not portray what contradicts within himself, and does not burden himself with what is not his. According to Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her), she said: Allah's messenger (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said: (He who is filled with what he was not granted is similar to one who wears two fake garments)(2).

    1) al-Akhlag al-Islamiah 1/479.
    2) Produced by: al-Bukhari #5219 and Muslim # 2130.

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