Opening Statement

    Praise be to Allah, who sent His Messenger with glad tidings and warning, and as an illuminating light of guidance.  I praise Allah and thank Him… and I pray for and greet the one sent as a mercy to mankind, and as Allah's argument upon all creations.  Peace and blessings be upon him, his family, companions and followers, and upon those who followed them and walked their path until the Day of Judgment…  Hence:

    To begin with, we praise Allah, the highest of praise, and thank Him, the greatest of thanks, for what He has preferred and granted us in inaugurating the website of the Prophetic Sunnah and its Sciences in Arabic on the internet.  Which has beard great fruits in revealing, spreading and defending the Sunnah, in addition to many various services…  praise and gratitude be to Allah.

    And today, we inaugurate the website of the Prophetic Sunnah and its Sciences, in the English language. Which we hope it achieves its objectives in revealing and spreading the Prophetic Sunnah to suit the English language speakers and to fill a gap in this field, whilst limiting ourselves to the important subjects and within the permitted capabilities. We welcome any effective participation that serves the website, and we seek to achieve the website's objectives in light of its clear methodical approach.  We also welcome any suggestions or constructive criticism that would improve the level of the website, remedy any mistake, or correct a path.  We ask Allah the Almighty to bless us in having good intention and deed, and to help us in pursuing and disseminating the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) both in word and action; as Allah is close… He hears and answers.

May Allah fulfill our hopes and guide our footsteps.

Blessings and peace of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.


General Moderator,

Professor Falih bin Mohammad bin Falih al-Sughayyir

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