The recommendations of the seminar translation Year and Biography of the Prophet




Praise be to God alone, and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet after him, and his family and companions and guided gift .. After:


Proceeding from the Saudi Society for the year and sciences message aimed at the dissemination of the year and strengthen the awareness of, and put the right foundations for the translation and publication of the texts of the year and biography, and holding seminars and conferences competent and courses, and invite scholars and specialists to participate, was all praise to Allah seminar: (translation year and biography : actually, development, obstacles) in the period from the third twenty to twenty-fifth of the month of Safar in twenty-nine and four hundred thousand for Migration, and oversees Assembly and its members and participants in the seminar to raise a cable of thanks to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King / Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince / Sultan bin Abdulaziz for sponsoring this symposium and the efforts of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the year and the Prophet's biography care.


And a cable of thanks and appreciation to His Royal Highness Prince / Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saudozar Interior sponsorship of the symposium, and telegrams of thanks to His Royal Highness Prince / Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Governor of Riyadh Province, and His Royal Highness Prince / Sattam bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Deputy Governor of Riyadh Region , welcomed by the participants in the symposium.


And thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education for sponsoring scientific societies, and the Rector for his support and sponsorship of the symposium, and the thanks and appreciation of scientific Saudi Society for the year and sciences to organize the seminar and given to the participants of hospitality.


Saudi Society for the year and sciences and guests of the seminar sponsors of this symposium also thanks, namely: Princess Anoud Charitable Foundation, the charitable peace and stop, and Island Press Foundation.


After presenting the research and working papers submitted to the symposium and discussed at the six scientific sessions blessing Participants in the symposium reached the following recommendations:


1. Call upon Muslims to adhere to the Sunnah and inviting approach and application.


2. The long-term strategy put to activate the translation and publication year and Biography of the Prophet, and through the use of modern technical data to support this aspect, and to encourage the fields of translation in this regard.


3 ways to enhance cooperation and coordination between the various bodies and institutions, advocacy and service centers Year scientific and specialist departments, and colleges of Languages and Translation to invest energies and unify efforts in the translation.


4. To develop an integrated electronic project, and system information in Arabic means to translate the Sunnah and biography living languages most prevalent in different parts of the world.


5. call for the establishment of units for the translation of the year and the Prophet's biography within the year and biography service centers in the world under the auspices of the relevant year and biography sections.


6. Invites the seminar to assign experts in the field of Languages and Translation to do field studies are looking at a mechanism to resolve impediments to the translation mode, and ways to develop them.


7. Create a custom to translate Islamic terminology and evaluate them Translator and standardization, and the development of Islamic Sharia glossary of terms related to the Year and the Prophet's biography unit, and then translated to different languages.


8. seek to translate the sources the correct year, particularly with regard to ethics and morality, and signs of prophecy, and the biography of the Prophet, peace be upon him and what it contains masterpieces to foreign languages.


9. calling for the establishment of a scientific chair devoted to translate the year and biography, and means studies on the translation of the year and biography, and constraints, but also the means of developing them.


10. issuance of specialized scientific journals dealing with the affairs of translation and publication of the texts of the year and the Prophet's biography, to highlight the various experiences and efforts around the world.


11. organize training courses in the correct translation, reserved for those involved in this field of advocates and authors and publishers, and contributes to the specialists in languages and translation.


12. Blessed seminar institutional and individual efforts that have been made in the translation of the year and biography, and let those who made it to continue the effort and the involvement of specialists in it, and the adoption of the scientific method in the translation and publishing.


13. urged the media to translate specialized in the year and biography programs texts and make it a companion to broadcast in Arabic.


14. To encourage scientists and researchers and academics in universities and research centers on the field and applied research related to the translation of the year and biography, and linked to the activity of the scientific faculty members and researchers accomplish.


15. emphasis on specialized conferences and participate in the World Trade Books private wings Year and the biography of the Prophet, peace be upon him, including contributing to the spread of Islam and to show the reality of his person Karim peace be upon him, and the fact that his religion upon him blessings and peace for all peoples of the earth.


16. renewal of mechanisms and methods of dealing with different people and cultures and address it in their own languages and logic, and employ all the means that will affect them and orientation to learn about Islam.


17. call for the establishment and support of a specialist center to monitor all the suspicions raised about the Prophet, peace be upon him and his message to respond to them, and in coordination with the Islamic centers and associations in the West.


18. invite the government of the Islamic organizations and other civil claim to the enactment of laws that separates the freedom of expression and the excesses and abuse to the Prophet, peace be upon him and religious sanctities.


19. call centers to support the Sunnis and the Prophet's biography, materially and morally and developed to continue to fulfill its mission, commensurate with the global mission of the Prophet.


20. In support of Muslim communities in the West manuals translated messages for dissemination and communication with the centers and institutes operating in the West to achieve this goal.


21. Participants in the symposium denouncing what happened from abuse in the Danish press of the Prophet, peace be upon him, has participants issued a statement that will be read shortly.


God administrator to help us all to all that is good, and facilitate the Almighty to these recommendations blessed way to achieve it and work it out, and Yemen on everyone to adhere to this orthodox religion, and year of the messengers, and that makes all of us who aunt call God bless him and shade, and not to rob us his intercession, he Almighty official Akram, a guide to whether the way, God bless our Prophet Muhammad and his family and him.


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