In the previous episode, we mentioned the first point in the importance of studying the sects which attacked the Sunnah. In this episode, we shall continue our talk about the rest points:
Second, studying these sects reveals to us the roots of trials which dispersed the powers of Muslims, separated them into sects, and made them harsh toward one another. It also reveals for us the roots of doubts which the enemies of the Sunnah cast against the Sunnah in modern time. (1)
Third, the creed of the sects which showed up anciently were based on some deniable acts, however they claim to be the true sects and other sects were erroneous. So, they mixed the truth with falsehood and uncovered their deviation from the Qur'an and the Sunnah in glittering shapes to disseminate their heresies and to call the people for them.
So, it is important to study these sects to expose their harms on the Islamic creed and the unity of the nation, and to refute the claims of those who said that the Kharijites were part of the Companions and that Al Mu`tazilah sect was also part of the Companions and the Followers and they rejected the Sunnah in the matters of creeds as the Rightly-Guided Caliphs and the Kharijites did. Moreover, they claim that they conveyed the Qur'an and the rites of religion before the spread of the Predecessors' doctrine in the Muslim Nation. (2)
Fourth, ignoring the study of these sects, refuting their claims, and negating their false ideas give a room for deviant sects to do what they want and to call for their heresies and superstition without finding someone to study and refute their claims as the case nowadays. Many knowledge seekers as well as the public do not know the ideas of the current sects which work day and night to spread their falsehood.
Perhaps this inattention of Muslims to reveal these deviant sects is part of the planning of those deviant sects themselves who like to cover the eyes of Muslims so as not to see their reality and their criminal planning. The proof to that is these ideas and phrases which many Muslims repeat in many of their Muslim societies without knowing that their sources trace back to the Kharijites: Such as their saying: We only hold the Qur'an as a proof and we do not recognize the Sunnah as a proof.
Another idea such as making the blood of Muslims lawful for the least doubt and calling Muslims non-Muslims, but rather calling the entire Muslim societies as non-Muslims for any guilt. Some of these ideas come from Al Mu`tazilah such as glorifying reason and resorting to it in judging the texts of the Shari`ah, the Qur'an and the Sunnah, so what is in harmony with the reason is accepted and what is not shall be rejected. Some of these ideas come from the Shi`ite such as calling the Companions or some of them disbelievers, accusing them of lying, and talking about the sedition of `Uthman, Ali, and Mu`awiyah (may Allah be pleased with them all).
Some of these ideas come from Bahaism such as glorifying number 19 ...etc.
It is known that these false ideas trace back to the ignorance of some youth with the ideas and the goals of these sects which misled many youth of this nation in many Muslim communities anciently and recently.
Hence, it becomes clear the importance of studying these sects and revealing the mask from their desires and heresies to provide light for the Muslim youth in the middle of this intellectual darkness created by the followers of these sects which work in the dark to spread their ideas and to impose their plans which are against Islam. (3)
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