Ash-Shaatiby responds also to the enemies of the Sunnah.
Of those who defended the Sunnah and responded to its enemies, particularly those who relate the events restricting themselves to the Holy Book, is Imam Ash-Shaatiby , and that is in his worthy book (Al Muwaafaqaat) (The Conformities). He had said in them: ((the restriction to a book is the view of a people who do not have a share in happiness, transgressors against the Sunnah, since they relied upon that on which it has been founded, in that the book has the explanation of everything. They alienated the provisions of the Sunnah, which led them to disconnect from the Community, and the interpretation of the Quran contrary to what Allah has revealed)) (1).
And Ash-Shaatiby - may Allah have mercy on him - understood the purpose these were aiming for. Ash-Shaatiby had related several trails from the Predecessors inciting the confrontation of those who argue in the Quran with the Sunnah, as Omar bin Al-Khattaab - may Allah be pleased with him- said: (there will come a people who will argue with you by means of vagueness in the Quran, so face them up with the Hadiths, for the adherents to the Sunan know best the Book of Allah).
The statement of Abu Ad-Dardaa’ - may Allah be pleased with him-: (among that which I fear for you is the fault of a scholar and the argument of the one who professes belief in the Quran), and the statement of Ibn Mas'ood - may Allah be pleased with him -: (You will find people inviting you to the book of Allah, which they threw away behind their backs, so then stick to (religious) knowledge, and beware of coming up with a heresy, and beware of overstating, and keep to the old (ways) (2).
Ash-Shaatiby reported that scholars contextualize these texts to validate the interpretation of the Quran according to judgments, with presentation of the Sunan. He then determined that which the rejecters of the Sunnah aim for. He said: (a lot of the heretics alienated the Hadiths and interpreted the Book of Allah contrary to its interpretation, so they misled and were misled). Their aim is not the sanctification of the Book of Allah, but the manipulation of the Book of Allah.
Since the Sunnah has been a fence that protects the Quran from manipulation, they directed their efforts to shun it, in order to achieve validation through the Quran of their corrupt views without denial. Those whose intention was good and they think, in all honesty with themselves that by shunning the Sunnah they are venerating the Book, are wrong. This path leads to ignorance about the Book and its alienation.
Ash-Shaatiby – may the mercy of Almighty Allah be upon him, says: - (the Sunnah elucidates the comprehensive, restricts the absolute and details the comprehensive. It takes a lot of Quranic expressions out of their evident meaning in the origin of the language. If they were presented, and he followed the seeming expressions merely in pursuit of whims, such a consideration has become erratic in his view, ignorant about the book, stray in misguidance, wherein he is not guided to the truth, as minds do not realize the benefits and detriments in worldly behaviors, but very little, and in the ones relating to the Hereafter, is altogether far removed) (3).
(1) See: Al-Muwaafaqaat (The Conformities), 3, 11.
(2) See: Al-Muwaafaqaat (The Conformities), 3, 12.
(3) See: Al-Muwaafaqaat (The Conformities), 3, 14.


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