Secondly: Among the linguistic meanings the enemies of Islam focus on in their definition of the Sunnah, is its meaning contained in the sense way. They then define the prophetic Sunnah as the practical way or the practical process, while his sayings, accounts and attributes - peace be upon him - are not of the Sunnah. Setting the term Hadith or Sunnah on that is, in their opinion, a terminological novelty from the part of the orators, unbeknown to the language, and is not used in its literature; thus alleged Mahmoud Abu Rayah (1) in his book (Lights on the prophetic Sunnah) (2) in succession to Dr. Tawfeeq Sidqi (3).
This, too, says Dr. Eng. Mohammed Shahrour (4) in his book (The book and the Quran: a contemporary reading): (What has been termed the Sunnah of the Prophet is but the life of the Prophet - peace be upon him - as a prophet and a human being who lived his life in reality, even at the heart of it, and not in the world of illusion).
Elsewhere he says: (from here comes the wrong definition, in our view, of the Prophetic Sunnah that it is all of what is issued from the Prophet - peace be upon him – as saying, action, order, prohibition or endorsement. In the knowledge that this definition for the Sunnah is not that of the Prophet - peace be upon him - himself, and is therefore subject to discussion and give and take, and this definition was a reason in the mummification of Islam, knowing that the Prophet - peace be upon him - and his companions did not define the Sunnah this way, and the actions of Omar ibn Al-Khattab confirm this) (5).
Niazi Izz Ad-Deen (6) says: (men of religion in the third century AH knew the Sunnah, and they added to it prescripts that are of their own assiduity. They said in its definition: "it is all that has been traced back to the Prophet - peace be upon him - as utterance, action, endorsement, moral or personal character, or comportment, whether that was before the mission - like his meditation in the cave of Hira’ - or after it". This expanded definition, which came in an era ulterior to that of the Prophet - peace be upon him - and his Companions, has brought calamity to Islam. In another placement, he says: (though most of those who introduced the sayings of the Prophet - peace be upon him -, his actions and comportments into the religion, they did it while knowing they are doing what is forbidden, and fall into sin. But, whims and Satan were stronger than belief in that period, so Satan did what he wanted) (7).
(1) Mahmoud Abu-Rayah: an Egyptian writer, who was affiliated to Al Azhar in his early youth. When he moved to the secondary Azhar stage, he failed to pass more than once. He worked as corrector of typographic errors at a newspaper in his hometown, then a clerk at the Municipality until he was made to retire. Among his collections, in which he slandered the Sunnah and the Companions: ‘Lights on the Sunnah’ and ‘The Tale of the Mohammedan Discourse’, and ‘Sheikh Almudheirah (Abu Hurayrah)’. See: ‘The Sunnah and its Stance in Legislation’ by Dr. As-Sibaa’i p. 466.
(2) Lights on the prophetic Sunnah, p. 39.
(3) Dr Tawfeeq Sidqi: He is Dr Mohamed Tawfeeq Sidqi; a physician at the Prison Services in Cairo. He wrote articles in the magazine Al-Manar, entitled "Islam is the Quran alone". He died in 1920. Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Ridha interpreted his work in the magazine Al-Manar, volume 483/21 and subsequent ones. See: the magazine Al-Manar, volume 11/774.
(4) Mohammed Shahrour: A contemporary Syrian writer. He holds a doctorate in engineering from the National University of Ireland in Dublin. His works include: ‘The Book and the Quran: A Contemporary Reading’, and ‘Islam and Belief: A System of Values’, and ‘The State and the Society’.
(5) The Book and the Quran: A Contemporary Reading. p. 546-548.
(6) Niazi Izz Ad-Deen: A contemporary Syrian writer, emigrated to America, from his writings: ‘A Warning from the Sky’, and ‘The Religion of the Sultan’, in which he claimed that the hallowed Sunnah has been put by the Imams of the Muslims among the Jurists and orators in order to establish the sovereignty of the Sultan Mu’awiyah - may Allah be pleased with him - and Muslims’ scholars stridden on their path to this day. 
(7) A warning from the heaven, p. 40 111.


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