Episode 9: Sitting for the declaration of Faith (Tashahhud)


(129) So when he finishes the second rak'ah he sits to perform the tashahhud. This is obligatory.

(130) And he sits upon the left foot laid flat, as preceded with regard to the sitting between the two prostrations.

(131) However, it is not allowed to sit upon the two heels for this sitting.

(134) It it is not allowed for him to sit whilst resting upon his hand, especially the left hand.

Agitating the forefinger and fixing ones sight upon it

(135) He should clench all the fingers of his right hand, placing his thumb onto his middle finger sometimes.

(136) At other times he may make a circle with his thumb and middle finger together.

(137) He should point his forefinger towards the qiblah (Direction of Prayer).

(138) He should fix his gaze upon his forefinger.

(139) And he should agitate it, making supplication with it, from the start to the end of the tashahhud.

(140) He should not point with his left forefinger.

(141) He does all of this in every tashahhud.



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