(86) Then he says:
Allaahu Akbar
Allaah is Greater.
And this is an obligation.
(87) And he should raise his hands, sometimes.
(88) Then he prostrates, placing his hands upon the ground before his knees. This is what Allaah's Messenger commanded, and it is what is established from his practice. He also forbade the people from kneeling down in the manner that the camel kneels, and the camel places its knees -which are its fore-legs - first.
(89) So when he prostrates, and it is a pillar, he should rest upon his palms, and extend together.
(90) He should keep his fingers them.
(91) And point them towards the qiblah (direction of Prayer).
(92) And he should place his palms level with his shoulders.
(93) And sometimes he places them level with his ears.
(94) And he must lift his elbows away from the ground. This is obligatory. He is not allowed to spread them on the ground in the manner of the dog.
(95) He must place his nose and his forehead firmly upon the ground, this is a pillar.
(96) He must also place his knees firmly on the ground.
(97) And likewise his toes.
(98) His feet should be placed upright on the ground. All of these are obligatory.
(99) The tips of his toes should be pointed towards the qiblah (direction of Prayer).
(100) And his heels should be joined together.
(101) It is obligatory that he is settled in his prostration. This comes about by his resting equally on each of the parts of the body that touch the ground when prostrating. These are: the forehead and the nose - together, the two palms, the two knees and the toes of each foot.
(102) So whoever settles in his prostration in this manner, then he has certainly attained the stillness necessary. This stillness (itmi'naan) in the prostration is a pillar also.
(103) He should say in it:
Subhaana Rabbee al-A' laa
I declare my Lord, the Most High, free and far removed from all imperfections. Three times or more(18).
(104) It is recommended to supplicate to Allaah as much as possible while in prostration, since it is a time most suitable for the acceptance of supplications.
(105) He should make his prostration about as long as his bowing, as has preceded.
(106) It is allowed to prostrate upon the earth, or upon something placed upon the ground such as a garment, a carpet, a mat and the like.
(107) It is not allowed to recite the Qur'aan in prostration.


    18) There are other sayings that can be said in it, and you can refer to them in, Sifatus-Salaat, Eng. Transl., pp. 55-57.


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